Monday, 7 October 2013

Go! Rhinos.

On my way to the Hythe ferry in Town Quay, Southampton, sometime in mid-July, I saw a rhino named Rika.  It turned out to be one of 36 rhino sculptures, individually decorated works of art, on display throughout the city to celebrate the rhino and mark the 40th anniversary of Marwell Wildlife, a Hampshire zoo.

Since that day in July, I've visited the Go! Rhinos website, studied the free trail map, walked the rhino trail, walked the trail again, seen most of the rhino sculptures and photographed all that I've seen.  They were on display for 10 weeks from July to the end of September and, as with all art, some I liked, some I didn't, but I enjoyed looking at them, searching them out, taking photos, map reading and walking.  It was a lovely event and a great way to explore Southampton.

The picture shows Rika the rhino, by Peer 1 Hosting, on display at Town Quay, Southampton, Hampshire at 14:23 on Saturday 14th September 2013.

Click on the links below to see more of my rhino sculpture photos.
Click on the links below to visit the Go! Rhinos website and to read about Rika the rhino artists.

The rhinos will be on display at Marwell Zoo from 10th to 14th October 2013 for one last time before they are sold at a charity auction.  Click on the link below to visit the Marwell Zoo website.

NB:  I've just discovered that Go! Rhinos is a sister event to four other 'Wild In Art' 2013 projects - Stand Tall for Giraffes in Colchester; GoGoGorillas! in Norwich; Gromit Unleashed in Bristol; and The Great Gorillas Project in Paignton.  Click on the link below to take a look.